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Welcome To My Home Page
In this first paragraph, I should introduce myself,i am called carole norman i live in plymouth england and keep and breed australian finches, i have been keeping these beautiful birds for 20 years.
i have built this website to let other people see my hobby which i most enjoy. and perhaps any newcomers to the hobby can get some good tips from my site.
listed on 11-11-2000

Welcome To My Home Page
Hi welcome to my home page ihave been keeping and breeding australian finches for 20 years now, and have had most sorts of birds over the years from finches to parrakeets to parrots, of which i still have 80 australian finches and a pair of african grey parrots.
I started with a pair of society finches and bred them, and then i purchased some australian finches and have never looked back, these beautiful little finches are lovely both to watch in the avairy in the garden and to breed.


feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Captions for pictures
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.